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Safe Money Retirement Playbook TM

Step 1. Retirement/Financial Planning

Step 2. Tax Planning

Step 3. Income Planning

Step 4. Healthcare Planning

Step 5. Legacy Planning

Safety First - Growth - Income

Giving You A Clear View In Retirement

Colorado Retirement Specialists LLC seeks to preserve clients assets and our style would be properly considered "protective".  Most of our clients are age 55+ and nearing retirement or retired.  Our approach has been successful in preserving client account values even during volatile times, while still capturing growth.

We are part of Safe, an educational site that has been a tremendous resource for people I work with. There has been a lot of positive feedback about the booklets they offer - there are three of them. You can find them right on my membership page on Safe 

Because I am a member there is never a cost to you - just let them know at safe money that I referred you. 

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Retirees need to understand that when it comes to their money, FINANCIAL PLANNING and RETIREMENT PLANNING are NOT the same thing! To have a successful financial life in retirement, you’ll need to embrace this concept: Growth without risk, liquidity, guaranteed lifetime income, wealth transfer and long term health care considerations are what make the difference. This book coaches you on these concepts in a simple-to-understand way. Call to request your FREE hard copy or complete the form below.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning


Estate planning can be the key to protecting your loved ones and your legacy. There is a lot to consider and plan for when creating your estate plan, and the best options will vary according to your needs, your estate, and your goals. Though planning for your estate may seem “simple,” having the guidance of an experience attorney can be pivotal to ensure that you are not overlooking anything and that you are devising the best estate plan for you and your loved ones.

Our Preferred Estate Planning Firm


Lance Ortiz is an Approved Member of the National Ethics Association.  In today’s world, 

Trust is a Must. Now, more than ever, there is an increased need to know who you can trust in the financial services industry. By choosing an approved member of the National Ethics Association you will gain the added assurance of knowing that you are working with a financial professional who has successfully passed the Ethics Check System, a comprehensive series of background checks.

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