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Colorado Retirement Specialists LLC

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Our firm seeks to preserve clients assets and our style would be properly considered "Protective."  Most of our clients are age 55+ and most are retired.  Our approach has been successful in preserving client account values even during volatile times, while still capturing growth.

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We tried to provide the viewer with a basic understanding of some subjects we specialize in. If you have a need for our service, you can call our office directly at (720) 233-2417.

Neither G. Lance Ortiz or Colorado Retirements Specialists, LLC are licensed securities brokers or investment advisers, and they may not provide investment advice regarding securities or make any recommendations regarding securities.  For any advice regarding securities or your portfolio, please speak with your licensed securities professional.  Mr. Ortiz and Colorado Retirement Specialists, LLC are retirement planners and licensed insurance brokers, and may provide advice regarding various insurance products.