Long Term Care Planning

The time to plan is now! 

November has been declared Long-Term Care Awareness Month because even the U.S. Congress recognizes the importance of making people aware of the risks and costs associated with long-term care.  As a professional committed to helping people protect themselves against the risks of long-term care, I encourage you to take this topic seriously.  It can impact you and loved ones.

Some things I believe you need to know about long-term care: 

  • You're probably not covered.  Many people mistakenly believe they are covered for long-term care, but this assistance is not typically covered by your health or long-term disability insurance.
  • Government programs aren't designed to pay for all your long-term care needs.  Medicare only pays for skilled care, while Medicaid only covers the very poor – those whose assets are at or below state-required levels.  These programs often don't cover care provided in your own home.
  • Long-term care doesn't mean nursing home care.  In fact, the majority of people who need long-term care remain in their own home or in their community. Most long-term care insurance policies will cover people in all care settings including the home.  That's a significant benefit.
  • Your age and health make a big difference in what protection costs.

Many people put off looking into long-term care insurance protection.  Waiting to plan can be a mistake because the cost of insurance is based on your age, increasing as you get older.  Your health is also a most important factor.  Waiting to plan can be a costly mistake because a change in your health can make you ineligible for this protection (no matter how much you are willing to pay).

Why not find out how much long-term care insurance protection costs?
There is no cost or obligation to find out how much long-term care insurance protection costs.
Why not find out now?  It's an important first-step to take. 

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Lance Ortiz, President

P.S.  There's an old saying:  Failure to Plan is a Plan For Failure.
         Let me tell you what long-term care insurance protection costs and how to have plan that IS NOT an Expensive "Use It or Lose It" insurance policy. 

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